Modern Day Slavery

Many think that slavery is a problem of the past, something we have left behind and overcome, but sadly modern day slavery is a very real problem.

Modern Day Slavery

What is modern day slavery?

Modern slavery is happening in communities across Hull and East Yorkshire and includes forced labour, criminal exploitation and domestic servitude with victims often deceived or coerced into work and left feeling like they cannot leave.

The Home Office predicts that there may be as many as 13,000 victims in the UK alone and there is no typical victim of slavery.

Who are the Humber Modern Slavery Partnership?

The Humber Modern Slavery Partnership are a strategic partnership of front line organisations across Humberside dedicated to tackling all forms of modern slavery.

The Partnership brings together over 60 agencies that have joined forces to fight slavery and trafficking across our region.

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Why Sutton Recruitment are working with the Humber Modern Slavery Partnership?

“We are working closely with The Humber Modern Slavery Partnership because we are passionate about stamping slavery out of our communities. Exploiting a person for commercial gain is abhorrent and my team and I are doing everything, we can to raise awareness of modern slavery across Hull and East Yorkshire.”  Graeme Sutton, Managing Director Sutton Recruitment

Suspect someone is a victim of modern slavery?

See it, spot it, report it!

If you have any concerns about Modern Slavery, ring the Police on 101.